More transparency  with respect to Germany’s arms trade is a widely accepted political demand. But not nearly enough is being done. If at all, the annual reports on arms exports published by the Federal Government are only suitable  for a retrospective analysis. At this point the transactions have  already occurred. Furthermore, relevant details such as the companies involved and specifics about the traded arms are kept from the public. Especially with  regard to weapon components much remains in the dark. The transfer of technical know-how, the outsourcing of production lines to subsidiaries  in other countries makes the traceability even more difficult.

It is the intention of this project to contribute to a greater transparency in this area.  For the very first time there will be a database which will attempt to make all information on planned, current and completed German arms deals available to the public: What type of components are exported? Which companies are involved? The number of pieces to be exported? 

Currently there is no comparable project in Germany. It enters unchartered territory. Therefore mistakes, inaccuracies and gaps in knowledge are inevitable.

And while the English version of this homepage is at best rudimentary and far from complete, hopefully the introductory text on each subsite will still nevertheless be able to convey what the subsequent links are about. While most of the entries in the actual database on arms deals are in German, it should be possible to get a general idea of the specific deal.

Despite these shortcomings and the serious natue of the topic, hopefully you will still enjoy browsing through the database! 

P.S.: Questions, suggestions, praise, critique and donations are always welcome. Simply send an e-mail to kontakt@ruestungsexport-info.de.

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Title Countries Time Period
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MTU 881 Dieselmotor für K9 Thunder Haubitze

Norway 2018 2021

MTU-Dieselmotoren für Gowind Fregatten

United Arab Emirates unknown unknown

Zündertechnologie für Artilleriemunition und Bomben

India 2016 unknown

ATDS Torpedoabwehrsysteme

India unknown unknown

Eurofighter Kampfflugzeug

Poland unknown unknown

NEW Documents:

Export licenses for small arms to MENA countries in the first half of 2017. BT-Drs 18/13408, August 2017. (Preliminary Version)

Export licenses for small arms in the first half of 2017. BT-Drs 18/13408, August 2017. (Preliminary Version)

Global Export Licenses in the first half of 2017. BT-Drs 18/13338, August 2017. (Preliminary Version)

Licensed arms exports to MENA-states in first half of 2017. BT-Drs 18/13338, August 2017. (Preliminary Version)

German arms exports. BT-Drs 18/13278, 08.08.2017.