Annual Reports on Export of Conventional Military Equipment

(Annual Report by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on Its Policy for the Export of Conventional Military Equipment)

By signing the Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers of the European Union Germany committed itself to annually publishing information on its arms export licensing and policy. Between 1998 and 2012 these reports were published towards the end of the subsequent year. Since 2013 the reports are published in the first half of the following year.

The annual reports include an overview of the granted single export licences for each recipient country and a rough breakdown of exported goods according to the Military  List of the European Union. These reports can be downloaded from the Federal Ministry of Economics or here further down.

A number of relevant information on Germany’s arms exports are not included or only provided in a limited form in these reports:

  • Missing are figures on the actual exports. Only some figures on complete weapon systems are provided.
  • There is no account of the specific military goods delivered by the Germany Army even though the information is available and has been provided repeatedly in answer to parliamentary inquiries.
  • No specific information on Global Export Licences is made available in the reports. Again this information exists and has been supplied in answer to parliamentary inquiries.
  • The same holds true for Export Credit Guarantees for arms deals.
  • No information on Dual-Use-goods is provided even though this information is regularly collected and presented to the some parliamentary committees in an aggregated form.


Annual Reports on Germany's Policy for the Export of Conventional Military Equipment:





















NEW Documents:

German Arms Trade Report for the period January-April 2017. Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, June 2017.

German Arms Trade Report for 2016. Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, June 2017.

Small Arms in the Hands of Children - German Arms Exports and Child Soldiers. Christopher Steinmetz, BITS Research-Paper, Nr. 1/2017, 2017.

Denials for arms exports to Turkey 2016. BT-Drs 18/11553, March 2017. (Preliminary Version)

Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia 2015 and 2016. BT-Drs 18/11516, 14.3.2017. (Preliminary Version)