Official Figures and Facts on German Arms Trade

Due to international agreements many states, including Germany, are obliged to report on certain aspects of their arms licensing and export policies. This usually is done through annual reports.

The British Initiative Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) provides a searchable database of all figures included in the annual reports on Arms Trade of the European Union. Follow this link 

The following annual reports are available:

Annual Report of the Federal Government on the Export of Weapons and other Military Goods (since 1998)

Annual Report of the European Union on Arms Trade of the Member States (since 1998)

German Notifications to the United Nations Register on Conventional Arms (since 1992)

National Information according to the UN Small Arms Programme (2003-2009)

National Information pursuant to the OSCE Information Exchange on Small Arms and Light Weapons (since 2002)






NEW Documents:

Small Arms in the Hands of Children - German Arms Exports and Child Soldiers. Christopher Steinmetz, BITS Research-Paper, Nr. 1/2017, 2017.

Export of Tanks since November 2016. BT-Drs 18/10923, January 2017. (Preliminary Version)

License of Ammunition Exports to Turkey since August 2016. BT-Drs 18/10923, January 2017. (Preliminary Version)

Export of Sniper Rifles to Turkey since 2015. BT-Drs 18/10695, December 2016. (Preliminary Version) 

Export Licenses for Manufacturing Equipment, Software and Technology to Turkey since 2012. BT-Drs 18/10596, December 2016. (Preliminary Version)