Against Arms Exports

Many people are annoyed by the fact that there are numerous wars conducted worldwide with German arms technology. German weapons are delivered  to regimes which suppress their population and violate human rights. German military goods are sold to poor and instable countries. Sometimes the German government provides active support to make these deals happen, for example through export credit guarantees. The money paid for German military goods is subsequently missing for urgently needed investments (for example in health care and education).

For many decades grass roots initiatives have been working to improve and tighten the controls on German and international arms trade.


Aktion Aufschrei

Deutscher Aktionskreis Kleinwaffen Stoppen (DAKS)

Dachverband der Kritische Aktionären zur Daimler AG, Airbus AG, ThyssenKrupp  und Rheinmetall

Ohne Rüstung Leben (ORL)

Rüstungsinformationsbüro Baden-Württemberg (RIB)

Waffen vom Bodensee


At the international level there are i.a. the following umbrella organisations

European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT)

International Action Network Small Arms (IANSA)


Other German organisations und initiatives, that also deal with issues of German arms export policies

amnesty international, Sektion Deutschland

Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft / Vereinigte KriegsgegnerInnen (DFG/VK)

Facing Finance, Deutschland

Gemeinsame Konferenz Kirche und Entwicklung - Fachgruppe Rüstungsexporte

Informationsstelle Militarisierung

Oxfam Deutschland

Pax Christi Deutschland

NEW Documents:

New Arms Exports to Turkey. BT-Drs 19/7260, 21.1.2019.

Stop of arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia. BT-Drs 19/7138, January 2019.

Arms Export Licences 2018. BT-Drs 19/7138, January 2019.

Individual Export Licences 2018. BT-Drs 19/6961, January 2019.

Arms Exports to MENA-Countries 2017 & 2018. BT-Drs 19/6961, January 2019.