Information on German Arms Exports

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2066 Results
Title Countries Time Period
Begin End

Transportfahrzeuge (u.a. Actros, Zetros 6x6)

Algeria 2011 unknown

Fuchs Truppentransportpanzer

Algeria 2011 unknown

Schnellboote und Patrouillenboote

Saudi Arabia 2015 unknown

Flugabwehrsystem RAM Mk 49 Mod.3 mit RIM116B Block 1 Raketen

Egypt unknown 2009

MTU Dieselmotor & ZF Ecomat Getriebe für Piranha 5

Denmark 2016 2023

U214 U-Boote

Indonesia unknown unknown


Peru 2016 unknown

XM25 Granatwerfer

United States unknown unknown

HK416F Sturmgewehr & HK296F Granatwerfer

France 2017 2019

HK269F Granatwerfer 40mm & Munition

France 2017 2019

U-Boot 212A

Italy 1998 2017

Komponenten für METEOR-Rakete

Spain United Kingdom France Italy Sweden 2003 unknown

Naval Warfare Training Simulator (NWTS)

Thailand 2017 2019

Ausbildung für U-Boot Personal

Thailand 2012 unknown

Extended-range anti-ship missile system (RBS15 NG)

Sweden 2017 2020

A400M Transportflugzeug

Malaysia 2015 2017

H225M Caracal

India 2018 unknown

Dieselmotor für BTR3E1 8x8 Radpanzer

Thailand 2010 unknown

AS532 Hubschrauber (H215M)

Chile 2008 2016

EO/IR Sensorensystem für Rooivalk Kampfhubschrauber

South Africa 2016 unknown

Cheetah Air Defence System & Rakete

South Africa 2016 unknown

27mm Maschinengewehr für Patrouillenboote Mk V

Qatar 2009 unknown

Optische Systeme für Snyper / Seeker 400 UAV

South Africa 2015 unknown

MILAN für Radpanzer 4x4

Portugal 2016 unknown

Taktische Radios, Serie 525 (M3TR)

Portugal unknown unknown

523PS Motor für Radpanzer AV8

Malaysia 2011 unknown

120mm Munition (KEW-A1, KWE-A2, DM11)

United States 2012 unknown

AMAP Panzerung für Bionix-Panzer

Singapore unknown unknown

Leopard 2A4

Singapore 2007 unknown

L134A1 Granatmaschinenwerfer 40x53mm

United Kingdom 2006 unknown

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