Information on German Arms Exports

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1963 Results
Title Countries Time Period
Begin End

Drohne Antiradar (DAR) / Harpy

Israel unknown unknown

Mi24P Hind F Hubschrauber

Hungary 1995 unknown

FH70 155mm Haubitzen

Netherlands unknown 1995

Patriot Flugabwehrraketensystem

Israel 1991 unknown

ISUS90-1 Feuerleitsystem, CSU90, PRS3, FAS3 Sonare für Dolphin-U-Boote

Israel unknown unknown

Panzerhaubitze M110A2 203mm

Turkey 1994 unknown

M113A1 Transportpanzer

Portugal 1993 1994

M113 Transportpanzer

Turkey unknown 1993

APC Condor (4x4)

Thailand 1993 1994

T72 Kampfpanzer

United States 1993 unknown

Fuchs Transportpanzer

United States 1993 unknown

Alpha Jet und Ersatzteile

Portugal unknown unknown

ABC-Schutzanzüge, Gasmasken und Filter

Israel 1991 1993

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