Arms Exports, Arms Industry and Society

The arms industry contributes only an incremental share to the national economy. The number of jobs which depend on arms production is comparatively small. And where and to what extent transnational arms conglomerates and their subsidiaries actually pay taxes is more often than not difficult to determine from the outside.

Nevertheless one needs to pay attention to the activities of these companies. Their products contribute to the intimidation and killing of people. Governments are aware of this danger. Arms Control regimes designed to prevent these goods from falling into the wrong hands don't exist without reason. But since this branch of industry is regarded as crucial for national security, their activities usually are covered in secrecy.

An overview of the core positions of various societal groups in regard to armaments issues can be found here as well as an overview of the relevant defence associations of the industry.

For up-to-date information on current events it can also be worthwhile to visit the homepage of Aktion Aufschrei - Stoppt den Waffenhandel.

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