Summary of the categories

Aircraft (Airplanes, UAVs) = Eurofighter, KZO, Heron, A400M

Ammunition & Torpedos = complete systems (DM2A4) and components (cartrides, propellant charges)

Armored Vehicles (Wheeled) = GTK, Schützenpanzer PUMA, Fuchs, Dingo

Artillery = howitzers, anti-aircraft-guns, MLRS

Communication Technology = radios, IT, satellites, computers

Components = a supplemental category to highlight the fact, that its not a complete system being exported 

Engine & Transmissions for air, land and sea vehicles = all components and complete propulsion technology for these vehicles

Engineering Equipment = Armored Recovery Vehicles, bridge-layers.... 

Hand Weapons = pistols, guns and components for these

Helicopters = including components

License, Know-how, production documentation = supplemental category to highlight the fact, that the final manufacturing is occuring abroad

Maritime Vessels = Support Vessels, Ro/Ro Vessels, Frigates, Corvettes, OPVs ... 

Medical Material

Military Vehicles (trucks) & Logistics = all trucks and transport vehicles, including light armored vehicles 

Mine & Counter-Mine = minewarfare boats, Seefuchs, AT2 Mines

Missiles & Rockets = Iris-T, RAM, Taurus KEPD, MLRS and single parts and launching equipment for these

NBC Equipment = protective gear, NBC-vehicles

Production Facilities = supplemental category

Reconnaissance & Surveillance = radar, sonar, satellites and components 

Small Arms and Light Weapons = all hand weapons, MANPADS, grenades

Soldier Equipment = armor, helmets, clothing....

Submarines & AUVs

Tanks (tracks) = Marder, Leopard, Wiesel und parts thereof

Training & Simulation = training of foreign soldiers in and outside of Germany, equipment